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What is Property Valuation?

Property valuation is a process of assessing the value (usually market value) of a company, real property or any other item of worth, in particular assets that produce cash flows.

It can help you to assess the market value of a property in an open and competitive market.

Property valuation lies upon four foundational pillarsDemand, the first, is the magnitude of interest and buying power in the market for purchasing property. Utility, the second, is the ability of the real estate to satisfy the use or need of prospective purchasers. Scarcity, the third, recognizes that there’s a limited supply of real estate. Transferability, the fourth, refers to the ease at which a parcel of real estate can legally be transferred to a new owner. Many people use the acronym DUST to help remember these four important concepts.

What we do

IDR always support your corporate action through exact data and consideration. We employ any acceptable valuation standard and requirements. We only make sure that you get valuable insights.