About Us

Kantor Jasa Penilai Publik KJPP Jakarta

KJPP Ihot, Dollar & Raymond

Kantor Jasa Penilai Publik Ihot, Dollar & Raymond (KJPP ID&R) merupakan institusi profesional yang berkedudukan di Jakarta dan tercatat sebagai anggota Asosiasi Penilai Asean pada tahun 2008, Ikatan Nasional  Konsultan Indonesia (INKINDO) pada tahun 2008, dan anggota Forum Kantor Jasa Penilai Publik.

Brief History of ID&R

Entering the era of globalization, rapid advancement of the national economy promotes a steady increase in the demand for qualified valuation services and consultants with competence in certain fields. Facing the challenges, KJPP Ihot Dollar & Raymond comes as a public valuation office experienced in valuation services and consultations.

Human resources, a crucial aspect in any service industry, will always be improved with integrated training or by other parties. Database which serves as a source of information to support our services is continuously developed. Competence and professionalism are the main features of our service

KJPP ID&R was established in July 10, 2007. KJPP ID&R has been registered as Asean Valuer Association (AVA) in 2008, Ikatan Nasional  Konsultan Indonesia (INKINDO) in 2008, and Member of Public Valuer Office Forum (FKJPP)

Our consultants/appraisers comprise competent professionals with first-hand experience in Indonesian finance & ICT fields.

We will do personalized approach to take objective analysis on your business requirements and deliver the solutions that match the clients’ needs.